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    Based on 1957 reviews
    Love it

    Have never had a better product in my life. Have sick dry,flaky skin and as soon as the product touch my skin it worked immediately which was amazing because there was no waiting around. My skin is smoother there is no Flakiness and dryness. Get to know it!

    The best one

    I bought it without smelling it first because I knew it would be amazing, everywhere I go people stop me to ask what I’m wearing

    Great smell, weak performance

    Smells amazing but it does not last long, a few hours at most.

    The best ever

    Never anything else

    Kayali Vanilla Lovers Set
    Linnea Christensen
    Havent received it after 14 days

    And can't track it

    Sweet and saucy

    I like most of the kayali scents, this one is great on its own or layered if you want to make it more complex

    Favourite lipliner

    The formula is the best, stays in the oils very long. love this colour

    Feels great

    The formula is so smooth, the colour does need a lipliner for me to make it pop

    Great lipstick

    Love the brand, and the shades are unmatched. Great colour red

    Love it

    It is so hydrating. I love how creamy this feels.

    10 out of 10

    The best

    Kayali Musk | 12
    Noura Goumeri
    Blijft niet lang hangen

    De geur is super lekker alleen blijft niet lang hangen. Ik raad aan om hem te combineren met een andere parfum

    Shampoo - above expectations for volume and shape

    Very satisfied with the shampoo as it gives volume and adds softness to the hair. It comes with a price as the product is not the most economical but overall, very satisfied.

    Oribe Serene Scalp Balancing Shampoo

    Verkeerde plaatje

    Op het plaatje staat de foto van invite only amber. Niet musk 12. Just saying

    This is a gamechanger

    Il obsessed with this face cream.


    It really works!

    Super sweet fragrance, it catches compliments

    Kayali Very Sweet Set - Discontinued
    Annelies Rampersad

    Can live without!

    Love the color

    Love the color, its so intense.

    I love the liners and they are really nice on the lips, not to dry

    Huda Beauty #BOMBBROWS
    Ilse Van Dijk

    Huda Beauty #BOMBBROWS

    Kayali Elixir | 11
    Mahwish Hussain

    Very nice

    Best ever


    It really works!!